Saturday, December 12, 2009

You've Been Hit By a Smooth Criminal

This morning I woke and J. was just back from grocery shopping. He kisses me, pulls the blanket tighter around my ears, and tells me to keep resting and that there's food in the fridge if I'm hungry. He leaves. I realize he's just left. I go to chase him and he kisses me again and closes the door. I feel a bit empty, a bit lost, unsure of what is happening. I return to his room, curl in the blankets. And then I'm angry at feeling this way. I wake, I grab my clothes and then, under my watch, is a note.

It was a moment of normalcy that I wasn't anticipating... My boyfriend, the grown-up, leaving a note for me while I slept. There is something protective about the whole thing, and something wonderful. I suppose I'm not used to being taken care of in such a way, I'm not used to having someone live and make me a part of that life... I dunno why the whole thing is so profound, but I guess it is on some level.

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William from Melbourne said...

Hand written notes are the bomb and will always carry with it an aura of profound-ness.

I'm curious as to whether hand written notes always possessed this inherrent charm or if its because the socially retarded nature of twitter and/or the diet coke of hand written messages (sms) reinforces how awesome the hand written note is?

I think the moral of the story is the pen is mightier than the keyboard