Monday, August 17, 2009

I Always Follow the Speed of the Starlight

Uterine Fibrosis are non-cancerous tumors and is a condition that effects 20-40% of all women in America, with higher rates of occurrence in Black women. I was on the train last night coming home with J. from seeing G.I. Joe and District 9--a double feature picture show!--when I saw an advert promising non-surgical removal of these tumors. It reminded me of myxomatosis, a form of cancer that effects rabbits and was actively introduced into Europe's rabbit populations in the post-War years as means of pest-control. I asked J., "When did 30,000,000" women in America start getting tumors in their uteruses? Do you think they always were getting them and we just discovered the condition, or, do you think this is a new phenomenon?" J. warned me against "conspiracy theory" and while I'm not particularly interested in doing substantial research into the phenomenon I still wonder about the possibility that there is an increasing destruction of our very bodies from the inside. Why--I don't know: manufactured, artificial food; the corrosion of the ozone allowing in more cosmic radiation; the multiplicity of carcinogens in our everyday products; mercury and other hard metals being leeched into our groundwater and food? Probably all this, and more.

District 9 was an interesting movie. It reminded me of the profile of Adolf Eichmann that Arendt provides in "Eichmann in Jerusalem": a bureaucrat who "followed orders". The film does a nice job of making the main character Wikus van der Merwe a tad awkward, but ambitious. He treats the "Prawns"--the aliens who are herded into a ghetto in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa (Apartheid, Gaza/West Bank anyone?)--with the same generally accepted contempt and condescension of his peers in the office and the general population of Johannesburg. We also discover that the mission he's been charged with conducting--the collection of signatures on eviction notes--is in the service of legitimating an otherwise illegal forced relocation to what he later characterizes as "a concentration camp". At one point, ever the by-the-book bureaucrat, he stops one the soldiers that will be providing support for having more ammunition than is approved. When the soldiers superior steps up to defend him, Wikus says, "you need to learn to be more efficient."--oh, the most chilling justification ever!

J. and I had a wonderful night--he said as much when he thanked me in one of those moments when two people look at one another and in an understated manner thank the other for being a part of ones life. We had a grand time sneaking into theaters, smoking pot under Michigan Ave., and discussing the multiple dimensions of the movie. G.I. Joe, he said, was like a "Power-Puff Girls" episode and I thought it was a perfect characterization! But, then again, I did the one thing I said I wanted to do this summer: take my boyfriend to see G.I. Joe. This summer rocks.


William said...

I've had an encounter with uterine fibroids. Sadly the aetiology is still unknown...

Oh and thanks for showing Linzi and I Chicago

Palefire said...

Will! Hahahah! I take it, then, you two are both safely in Australia? I hope so! It was _SO_ amazing to meet you two and share a day (almost) with you. I even use "manky" (sp?) and "scrag tag" in ordinary conversation now hahahah!

William said...

Yes we made it back. Other than becoming victim of border security syndrome i.e. from Sydney to Melbourne I was the ONLY person screened for explosives, we made it back safe and sound!

Yes manky is correct (not to be confused with Mankey, which is a pokemon) and we must fight the crusade that is antagonising scrag tags.

Oh and I ran a wiki on American Gravy and its fucking shithouse