Monday, June 29, 2009

Emasculating the Constitution (or: the Law is a Lady Tonight)

"The other thing that they describe in these meetings, that some of the people I've interviewed [from the Bush White House] described, was that it was very macho. The idea was, you know, 'We can be tougher than the next guy, and we're going to kick some butt over there in the Arab world.' And anybody who sort of said, 'Uh, excuse me, but is that legal?' looked, I mean, was just embarrassed to pipe in with little problems like that."
"So, the Constitution was feminized?"
"That's a great way to put it."
"There was a comment that Dick Cheney made towards the end referring to Nancy Pelosi, and he referred to his 'big stick' and I thought that was glimpse into what you were talking about."
--From an interview with Jane Mayer on Harry Shear's "Le Show, 6.28.09"

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