Thursday, June 25, 2009

And: It's No Coincidence I've Come (or: On Nietzsche the man)

"Those who can breathe the air of my writings know that it is an air of the heights, a strong air. One must be made for it. Otherwise there is no small danger that one may catch cold in it. The ice is near, the solitude tremendous--but how calmly all things lie in light! How freely one breathes! How much one feels beneath oneself!
"Philosophy, as I have so far understood and lived it, means living voluntarily among ice and high mountains--seeking out everything strange and questionable in existence, everything so far placed under a ban by morality. Long experience, acquired in the course of such wanderings in what is forbidden, taught me... Nitimur in vetitum [We strive for the forbidden]: in this sign my philosophy will triumph one day, for what has forbidden so far as a matter of principle has always been--truth alone."
-N., Ecce Homo

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