Monday, May 18, 2009

"One's Just the Taller Eerier Version of the Other..."

The Old Man and I went out drinking after our family dinner last night. We got good and snoggered. Played three rounds of pool--he won each time, and then two rounds of darts (again, he won both times). But we had a good time. Even when he started hitting on the barmaid--"feel my back," as he demonstrates tai-chi/standing meditation. My impulse was to run, and I did, but I got only as far as across the street before I realized things between us are different. I went back and got stoned with some guy who is about to get married blah blah blah.

Only bizarre moment was when he felt compelled to point out my curtsy when the guy's fiancee (who also got stoned with us) called me adorable. Real men also curtsy, Dad.

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