Thursday, March 19, 2009

We will see: this is just killing time before going out. So I can say this and not be referring to a book. 

: Repressive power--Coextensive with power conceived of as juridical, sovereign (monarchical)--the "Deployment of Alliances": the family as site of exchange and preservation of wealth (Rubin, On the Traffic of Women)--Psychoanalysis: law of repression (Lacan's Name of the Father); a primordial drive )Trieb( brought into alignment with the (Phallic) Law. (The Big Other.)  

Productive power--technique, normalization, control, non-Statist (viz.: decentralized: power is everywhere because it can/does come from everywhere)--the "Deployment of Sexuality": the family as the site of the incitation of sexuality (by necessity incestuous: Freud reads the Oedipus conflict): Not wealth but the body. Against psychoanalysis' repressive hypothesis of law: power creates, it does not suppress. Diffuse, decentralized, capillary: power moves at local, micro levels of relationality: it builds unseen in the moment: every invocation of normativity energizes power. 

The nexus of power-knowledge-discourse: Productive power (all power?) moves through, creates, is only ever visible through discourse; a contingent, historically specific and conditioned matrix. What weaves this womb? (there is no outside of power--we are never born again. The true revolutionary: Penelope.) "Power relations are both intentional and nonsubjective." There is no author here. Something akin to Arendt's critique of bureaucracy--rule of no-one: further: no laws, no discrete limitations, only ever so many fluid "memos" (cf. Bush Admin. legal policy: no law, only infinitely creative interpretation: Further still: Post-liberalism's Other as fascism--maybe totalitarianism. Further still : post-Liberalism as the desperate attempt to tame totalitarianism: the Other to total domination as radical democracy.)  

Discourse creates power and the possibility of disarming power (also power): Resistance is always already power--power subverting, defusing/diffusing, rerouting (we begin to drift into Freud's language of drives >Trieb<): the point: the possibility of power is also always already the possibility of resistance to power (through discourse--redeeming Foucault from banal parliamentary politics includes: silences speak [taking up Arendt: Violence here is not mute/silent] as do actions: rebellions, denials, sabotage ) Discourse is always already the medium of non-sovereign (productive) power. Resistance--figured here in the frame of Machiavelli's assertion, "politics is war by other means"--is about strategy, tactics, manipulation of opposing forces: First and foremost: the political actor is a reader.  


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